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Ferme Ostribee is owned and operated by Cornelie Dinkel and Marc-Andre Dorval.

It all started with a  CSA basket. For 2 years we purchased a weekly vegetable basket from a local farm. After 2 years we decided to grow our own vegetables since we do have a big backyard. 

The first year of growing our own vegetables wasn't a success. We ended up with a big vegetable jungle with all plants fighting for space. 

The second year we decided to read and follow the instructions on the seed packages and everybody was much happier.

Soon followed the bees and we started to make our own honey.

When Cornelie retired from the Hi Tech Industry she decided to start a new career and went back to college to study Agriculture. On one of her fieldtrips she went to an ostrich farm and was hooked. She started to research ostriches and ostrich farming.

In 2017 we bought an old farm in the Pontiac and started the clean-up and renovations to get ready for our first ostriches.

In 2018 we bought our first ostriches. In addition to the ostriches we also have ducks and chicken. Currently we are selling the eggs at local farmer's markets.

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